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How to Receive Email Alerts from Family Protection Ministries

Email Alerts provide firsthand reports of any changes in the law and legal/legislative threats to parental and private home education rights in California. We send our emails to individuals who are interested in our ministry and getting involved when we have Action Alerts. You can sign up for emails below.

How to Receive Paper Mailings from Family Protection Ministries

We also send out paper mailings periodically, in addition to our emails. Our printed newsletters have valuable content and ministry updates that don’t end up in our emails. If you’re interested, there are two ways to get onto our snail mail list:

(1) Homeschooling Leaders or Pastors: Leaders who want to receive our paper mailings in addition to our emails may fill out the Leadership Sign-up Form, and submit it. An alternative method is to print and fill out the Leadership Sign-up Form, and mail it to FPM; PO Box 730; Lincoln, CA 95648.

Some examples of leadership positions are: Group leader, Newsletter Editor, Park Day Coordinator, Conference or Events Coordinator, Principal or Administrator, Board Member, New Member Contact, Legal or Legislative Action Coordinator, Pastor or other church staff.

(2) Supporters: We send our paper mailings and emails complimentary to anyone who contributes $5 or more each calendar year to FPM. If you are a new donor or have already been contributing and would like to receive our mailingscontact us.

For donation by credit card, click here. For donation by check, please make it payable to Family Protection Ministries (or FPM) and mail it to:


PO Box 730

Lincoln, CA 95648.

We encourage anyone who receives our communications to forward our Email Alerts to others who will help take action to protect our parental and private home education rights in California. Please help us fight for our families here in California!