Government & Economics Class Announcement

Do you want to learn about how government works and how you can be prepared to make a difference? FPM’s government class is for you!

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What is the purpose of this class?

FPM desires to equip students with an understanding of government, how to effectively impact it, and to emphasize our important responsibility as Christians to engage the culture and politics for the glory of God. This class will look at the traditional topics addressed in high school civics classes but from a unique perspective based on a Biblical worldview. FPM also aims to show students how they can get involved with FPM, in either internships or employment, and help with directly influencing government.

When and where will this class take place?

FPM is now enrolling students in a government class being presented this fall 2022. This one semester US Government and Economics Class is for high school juniors and seniors. The government and economics class will be meeting at the FPM office in the Auburn area on Fridays from 12:30-2:00pm and will run from September 2nd through December 9th.

Who can attend the class?

The class is open to local, Christian private homeschool students who are high school juniors and seniors. Please apply for the class at the form below. We will let you know if there is still availability in the class after you apply. For more information, contact FPM at

Who is teaching this class?

Your main instructor will be Nathan Pierce, FPM’s Executive Director, a homeschool graduate and father. Nathan has been working in government and teaching about government and advocacy for over 20 years. 

What does the class cost?

The class will be free, but students will be responsible for purchasing their own textbooks. All other materials will be provided. Nathan will be using the Abeka textbooks for US government and economics and the state supplement. Additional materials will include books about America’s founding and principles of representative government. 

We will supply these necessary books:

  • Miracle at Philadelphia
  • Roots of Freedom
  • The Law
  • Bastiat’s Economics 

These books will need to be purchased by students:

  • Abeka Government 3rd Edition
  • Abeka Economics 3rd Edition

There will also be optional field trips to the California State Capitol to watch the Legislature in action during floor sessions and/or committee hearings.

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Want More Info?

For more information contact the FPM office:

Phone 916-786-3523.