Government & Economics Class Announcement

Do you want to learn about how government works and be prepared to influence government in the real world? FPM’s government class is for you!

What is the goal of this class?

Give students an understanding of our government and economics, prepare them to engage in our government of and by the people, provide a foundation from which to engage in the topics of the day and to be effective advocates of a biblical worldview in political and economic issues.

FPM desires to equip students with an understanding of government, how to effectively impact it, and to emphasize the important responsibility as Christians to engage the culture and politics for the glory of God. This class will look at the traditional topics addressed in high school civics classes but from a unique perspective based on a Biblical worldview. FPM also aims to show students how they can get involved in directly influencing the government.  


For more information contact the FPM office:

Phone 916-786-3523.