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SB 276 & SB 714: Vaccine Requirement Questions

We have monitored and reviewed SB 276 and SB 714 (Pan, 2019). While SB 276 and SB 714 are an attack on parental rights, they are not changing the section that excludes home-based private school students (private homeschool students) from  mandatory immunizations. Read more

Blue Card Update – Immunization Record (Form CDPH 286)

The Blue Card was updated in 2019 to reflect the changes made by SB 277 (Pan and Allen, 2015). For more information about our work on SB 277, please click here. Read more

School Entrance Exam Waiver

This waiver has been updated to reflect the most recent changes.

SB 277: Vaccine Requirement Questions

SB 277 (Pan and Allen), which we opposed, eliminated the personal beliefs exemption to required vaccinations. On the positive side, private homeschoolers are protected from the effects of this bill. Read more

Vaccinations without Permission

By a California Homeschool Mother. Last year I took my teenage sons in for their Tdap shots. I debated about it, but decided to proceed. I wish I hadn’t. I checked in at the desk that my sons were there for a Tdap. Read more

Vaccinations – Helping or Hurting Kids?

According to a case report filed with federal health officials and obtained by the New York Times last year, “a 6-year-old girl from Colorado received flu-Mist, a Flu vaccine ….  And about a week later she ‘became weak with multiple episodes of falling to the ground’ and ‘difficulty walking.’ …  The girl grew weak, feverish and ‘became more limp, appears sleepy, acts as if drunk,’ the report said.” Read more

To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate

Need help deciding whether or not to vaccinate? Find some helpful resources here.