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This table breaks down some of the bills FPM is tracking, the reason we are concerned about the bill, where it is in the process of potentially becoming law, and what you can do to help us make an impact:

Use this table to see the most urgent bills and what needs to be done to help maintain our freedom. For any bills with active action items, click on the bill to learn more detailed information about the danger of the bill and what you can do to fight it.


Bill NumberAction ItemBill TopicPositionStatusHearing Date
SB 407Call State SenatorOnly Affirming Parents Can FosterStrongly OPPOSEApproved by the GovernorN/A
AB 957No Further Action NeededAffirming Parent Gets The KidsStrongly OPPOSEVetoed by GovernorN/A
AB 1057Call Assembly MemberSocial Worker New Parent Home VisitsStrongly OPPOSEVetoed by GovernorN/A
AB 659No Further Action NeededHPV Vaccine MandateNo longer opposed after FPM's amendments were adoptedSigned by GovernorN/A
AB 249No Further Action NeededHome Water System InspectionsNo longer opposed after FPM amendmentTo Governor's DeskN/A
AB 262No Further Action NeededChildren's Camps: RegulationNo longer opposed after FPM amendmentSigned by GovernorN/A
SB 767No Further Action NeededMandatory KindergartenNo longer opposed after FPM's private school protections were put in placeSenate Appropriations: Held Under SubmissionN/A

All of these bills are moving quickly toward the Governor to be signed into law and we need your help encouraging California legislators to vote NO on these bills. If you do not know who your Senator or Assembly Member are you can find them through this link below: