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Meet Up with Nathan!

Interested in having Nathan come to your area for a Meet Up? Request a Meet Up at our contact page!


What is a Meet Up? This is casual gathering for private homeschool families to spend time with Nathan. Come ask questions and learn how to get involved!

Who can come? We invite all private homeschoolers to come to a Meet Up. If one of these events is in your area, be sure to come, and please share it with other private homeschoolers!

Why come? This is an opportunity to connect or reconnect with Nathan and find out more about FPM’s efforts to protect private homeschooling freedoms. This is will be more of a one-on-one time of conversation rather than briefly meeting at a conference. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about FPM’s behind-the-scenes work to protect your private homeschool freedoms.

Why is this important to FPM? This is important to Nathan because it is necessary that he personally engages with those he is serving and protecting throughout the state.