Be an Advocate From Home!

Do you want to advocate for private homeschooling but don’t know how?

We developed a program called Advocacy from Home – and yes, you can advocate from home, with your kids!

Advocacy from Home is a program by FPM that equips private homeschooling families so that they can engage with their elected representatives locally in an effective way. 

This is accomplished through online video training, working with FPM, and your virtual or in-person visits, phone calls, or letters to your state legislators as you deliver the Homeschooling Information packet to them.

Why you?
Legislators are much more likely to listen to and care about someone they represent. They will work to please someone who will be in a position to vote for (or against) them in the next election.

Are you ready?
Watch our Advocacy from Home Training Videos series to get started. Learn more about how you can participate by taking a look at the menu by clicking the button below!

Do you want to be an Advocate From Home? Let us know!