Materials Request

We at Family Protection Ministries (FPM) are thankful for all of you who are serving as a leader for your private homeschool group!

We would like to offer materials that can be given to your groups that will explain who we are and how we serve the homeschool community by watching for any legislation concerning private home education or parental rights. We are happy to send as many copies as you want at no cost to you!

We have many leaders set up a booth for FPM with these materials at homeschool meetings, end of the year events, or curriculum fairs.

Below is a list of the items that can be sent to you, which you can then distribute to your families at your next meeting, conference, or bundle the materials and mail them to your families. All of the items can be displayed on a 4-foot table.

Ministry Fact Sheet
30th Anniversary Victory Sheet (a list of our major victories)
Legal Fact Sheet
Article: Why Charter Schools Won’t Work for Christians
Ministry Prayer Card
Nathan Pierce Family Prayer Card

    I am a leader and I would like to distribute materials to my group!