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Homeschooling in California – Legal Fact Sheet

There are no statutes in California that specifically and exclusively deal with private “home education” as distinct from private schools… Read more

Filing the Private School Affidavit

When the 2021-2022 Private School Affidavit becomes available on the CDE website on or around October 1st, we will review the new affidavit in conjunction with Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and send out an email reminding you (if you are on our email list) to… Read more

Getting Started with Private Homeschooling – CHEA

Required School Enrollment Age

When a parent inquires at what age their child is required to begin school, there may be some conflicting answers given. One reason for this could be confusion regarding the birthday cutoff dates for compulsory enrollment… Read more

Withdrawing Your Child From School

What you must do before withdrawing your child from a school in California… Read More

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Private/Public Education Chart

Immunizations – Vaccine Q & A

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Why We Highly Recommend You Join and Support CHEA

We urge you to read HSLDA’s message below. We heartily concur with Mike Smith’s high recommendation of CHEA and request of your membership and other support of CHEA as outlined below… Read More