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FPM’s Legislative Work and Victories

Family Protection Ministries (FPM) has found and defeated all legislative proposals to criminalize private homeschooling before they could be introduced as bills, starting with our first battle in 1986.

The categories and lists below are not exhaustive, but do show a great number of bills that we have fought for or against over our time serving here in California.

Private Education

AB 452 (2021) amended! Would have created a notification system ensuring every parent, including private homeschool parents, was informed of laws regarding safe firearm storage. The bill also rewrote private school law to require each homeschool family to report to the Superintendent of Education and opened the door to future new burdensome requirements.

SB 2 (2019) amended and defeated! Would have required homeschoolers to submit meticulous student achievement information to the state. Our approved amendment language protected private homeschools from this invasive and burdensome bill. 

SB 541 (2019) amended! Would have regulated most Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs) by requiring them to conduct a lockdown drill at least once per school year.

AB 2756 (2018) defeated! Would require annual fire inspections of private homeschoolers’ residences without a warrant or reasonable cause. Also would require private homeschools to choose from a list of options that best described their school when filing the Private School Affidavit (PSA) in October each year.

AB 2926 (2018) defeated! Would have likely resulted in the loss of parental authority over curriculum choices and regulations making private home-schooling virtually impossible for most parents.

AB 424 (2003) & AB 978 (1995) defeated!  Would repeal and rewrite the entire Education Code, including every law protecting all private campus-based schools and private homeschools.

AB 1663 (2007) & AB 1841 (2010) passed!  Private homeschoolers may opt their child out of the public school’s special education evaluations and services.

AB 1799 (2012) Signed by Governor!  Required a pupil’s records to be transferred to a new school within 10 days, so that homeschooling parents can get their child’s records from their previous school.

SB 650 (1999), AB 1151 (1997), & AB 2117 (1996) defeated!  Would have implemented a statewide daytime curfew for minors.

AB 66 (2009) passed!  Made it easier for homeschoolers to get work permits. 


AB 2855 (2004) amended to protect the requirement that school officials notify and work with parents of children suspected of truancy. This allows HSLDA to resolve homeschooling issues out of court.

SB 1317 (2010) defeated!  On allegations of truancy, homeschoolers would be referred directly to the district attorney and charged with a crime resulting in fines up to $2,000 and up to one year in jail.

AB 2605 (1994) passed!  Prohibits a School Attendance Review Board from issuing subpoenas to parents of an alleged truant if the alleged truant is enrolled in a private school, including all private homeschools.


Early Childhood Education

SB 70 (2021), SB 1153 (2020), AB 713 (2016), AB 1444 (2014), AB 1772 (2012), AB 2203 (2012), AB 1236 (2007), SB 7 (2003), AB 56 (2003), SB 550 (2003), AB 634 (2001), AB 25 (1998), & SB 893 (1997) defeated! Would have made kindergarten mandatory in private schools.

AB 712 (2003), AB 56 (2003), SB 277 (1999), AB 2332 (1998), & SB 432 (2003) defeated!  Would have implemented universal preschool for 3 and 4 year-olds.


Parental Rights

SB 1173 (1999) defeated!  Would give any extended family member or unrelated person the right to petition a court for visitation rights of your children without your parental consent or supervision.

AB 2943 (2008) & AB 755 (2007) defeated!  Would criminalize spanking (prison time and loss of children).

AB 2749 (2004) passed!  Protects parental constitutional rights by requiring that CPS social workers: 1) advise individuals of allegations against them; and 2) to adhere to the 4th Amendment of the Constitution.

AB 1355 (1995) passed!  Reduced the immunity of social workers from absolute to qualified.  Social workers are now liable for unlawful acts committed against parents during an investigation of alleged child abuse.

Medical Freedom

SB 276 (1999) defeated! Would have required mandatory mental health exams of all California residents every 3 years.

AB 2020 (2000) defeated! Coercively requiring all parents to enroll their newborn in a government-controlled health care program before releasing the newborn from the hospital to go home with its parents.

SB 765 (2001) & AB 1654 (1993) defeated!  Newborns discharged from hospital only after “at-risk factors” screening followed up with intrusive home visits.

SB 840 (2005 & 2007), SB 810 (2009 & 2011), AB 1670 (2005), and others – defeated!  Socialized Medicine – total government control over all health care, including life and death decisions.

AB 206 (2003) & AB 1763 (2002) defeated!  State & local health officials given full control over all families, and medical professionals during health emergencies, including separating children from their parents.



SB 866 (2022) defeated! Aimed to allow minors aged 12 and older (later amended to 15 and older) to consent to vaccination without parental knowledge or consent, which would have eroded parental authority and responsibility over their children’s health and given it to the child and government.

SB 277 (2015) amended! Removed personal beliefs exemption to school-required vaccines.  Our approved amendments removed private homeschool pupils from being required to receive mandated vaccines.


Child Abuse

AB 1737 (2022) defeated! Redefined “camps” and children’s programs to very likely include homeschool co-ops. Required extensive child abuse reporting training and more administrative work and paperwork for all adult volunteers and workers at the program’s own expense, which would have prevented many homeschool co-ops from operating.

AB 717 (2011) passed!  Protects the rights of parents falsely accused of child abuse.  Ensures their right to a due process hearing and removes their names from the state’s Child Abuse Central Index.

SB 243 (1987) passed!  Defined “child abuse” to exclude a reasonable spanking to the buttocks.

AB 2380 (2010) & AB 7 (1989) defeated!  “Hearsay” would be a basis for reporting child abuse – causing a huge increase in false allegations of child abuse against innocent parents, including homeschool parents.

SB 950 (2003) defeated!  “Truancy” – new category of child abuse and neglect.  Homeschoolers could have been investigated by social workers on erroneous allegations of child abuse and neglect.

AB 102 (2001) defeated!  “Endangering emotional well-being” ­– new vague category of child abuse. 

AB 804 (1999) defeated!  “Educational neglect” would be a new category of child abuse and neglect.  Homeschooling could have been investigated by social workers on erroneous allegations of child neglect.


Home Privacy

SB 1562 (2004) defeated & AB 10 (2017) passed with our amendments!  Coercive inspection of homeschoolers’ bathrooms (a privacy invasion).

AB 1256 passed with our amendments (2013) Amended to make clear that home owners could not be sued for blocking the entrance of an uninvited intruder into their home.


Other Regulations

SB 1262 (2004) defeated!  All nonprofit organizations including most homeschool organizations would have been subject to a nightmare of complex, vague, and extremely costly reporting requirements.

AB 241 (2013) & AB 889 (2011) defeated! would have added new oppressive and costly regulations, fees, and paperwork effectively ending babysitting by anyone over 17.