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Visiting Your Representatives

Personal Meetings – District Office Visits

Maintaining relationships with our representatives is key. We are now seeking homeschool families with their well-behaved, well-dressed homeschooled students who are willing to schedule a visit with their state representatives in their home district offices. This could be a field trip opportunity for your homeschool group!

Why you? It is important that each legislator be visited in their district by someone who lives in their district because that is who they represent and that is who they are working to please when they are at their district office. Legislators are much more likely to listen to and care about someone whom they represent.

Legislators have a completely separate staff in their district offices than in their capitol offices, so it is vital that we visit their district offices. This way they will already have a proper understanding of what private home education is and know real live homeschoolers when the subject of homeschooling comes up in the legislature. Visiting your legislator at their district office is also one of the most effective ways to get to know your legislator.

It is important to coordinate the visit with Christian Home Educators Association of California (CHEA), as we work in cooperation with them to coordinate these visits. Only one group or individual should visit the same legislator in a single day.

For your initial visit, please consider joining us in this effort and presenting your legislator with a Homeschool Information packet prepared by Private & Home Educators of California (PHE; a program of Family Protection Ministries), designed for legislators, media, etc. The Homeschool Information packet is designed as a resource tool as well as an introduction to the idea of home education.

For more information about setting up a visit and obtaining a Homeschool Information packet to give to your legislator, please send inquiries to You will receive a link to a Google form to complete. More detailed information on how to do a district office visit will then be provided.

Following Up Your Meeting

Send a follow-up letter or a neatly written thank you card within a week or so after your visit. Keep the letter brief and thank your legislator for his time. Do not bring up issues or request votes in the follow-up letter.

If you were unable to answer a particular question at the meeting, or if you were asked for additional information, you may include it in your follow-up letter. Be sure that any item sent is legible, especially if it is a copy of an original document or article. Each item should be properly labeled with title, source, and date. Check your letter for neatness, spelling, and grammar.

Sample Letter to Follow Up Your Meeting