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Session 11: Writing a Letter to Your Legislator About an Issue

In this video, Nathan summarizes the most important points to include when writing a letter to your legislator concerning a specific issue.

To find your representative, visit

When the time calls for it, we will ask you to write your California Legislators in the Senate and Assembly. The opinions of citizens in their own districts are important to them, and many legislators believe that your one letter represents the view of 100 others who did not take the time to express their position. 

Here are a few tips on writing your letter:

  1. Clearness – Be upfront about the issue you are writing about and be sure to include the bill number, author(s), and the title, if it is short.
  2. Conciseness – Focus on a few key points in your letter and address only one issue per letter. Usually 1-page maximum is appropriate, as your legislator has many letters to read.
  3. Calmness – Be descriptive rather than emotional. Do not use threats, heated language, or sarcasm.
  4. Completeness – Include every essential point in your letter and any of the “Opposition Points to Share with Legislators” in the action alert.
  5. Courtesy – Write with respect to their office and address them appropriately (see sample below). With care, even an opposing point of view can be stated in a respectful way. Don’t try to convert your legislator, but rather ask for his or her support.
  6. Correctness – Be sure to check all your facts before mailing your letter. You don’t need to sound like an expert on every political issue, but you can write as a concerned and intelligent constituent when you stick to the facts.
  7. Creativity – Personalize the letter and take their personality into consideration, if possible. Avoid vagueness and overused expressions. You may mention how it would impact your family in the way they voted, if you write it respectfully.

Below are sample letters when writing in regards to a specific bill. The first sample letter is in support of a bill, and the second and third sample letters are in opposition to a bill. The fourth letter is a sample opposition letter written by a homeschool group.

2. Print or download Sample OPPOSITION Letter #1 Regarding a Specific Bill SAMPLE

3. Print or download Sample OPPOSITION Letter #2 Regarding a Specific Bill SAMPLE