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Vaccinations – Helping or Hurting Kids?

June 2009

According to a case report filed with federal health officials and obtained by the New York Times last year, “a 6-year-old girl from Colorado received flu-Mist, a Flu vaccine ….  And about a week later she ‘became weak with multiple episodes of falling to the ground’ and ‘difficulty walking.’ …  The girl grew weak, feverish and ‘became more limp, appears sleepy, acts as if drunk,’ the report said.”

She was hospitalized and was finally withdrawn from life support.  She died April 5, 2008, according to the report.  An investigative team noted that she hadn’t experienced any problems with her previous vaccinations.

In another case reported by the New York Times, “9-year-old Hannah Poling, was 19 months old and developing normally in 2000 when she received five [vaccination] shots against nine infectious diseases.  Two days later, she developed a fever; cried inconsolably and refused to walk.  In the next seven months, she spiraled downward, and in 2001 she was diagnosed with autism.”

Genuine issues exist regarding vaccine efficacy and safety.  Vaccines have damaged thousands of children.  Not all vaccines are equally safe or dangerous.  It varies from vaccine to vaccine and often child to child.  Your decisions can last a lifetime.  Seizures, retardation, and death are only a few of the many potential side effects.  The FDA recently documented over 7,000 adverse reactions to vaccinations per year over the previous 17 years (  And this is only the tip of the iceberg as there are likely huge numbers that go unreported due to factors such as financial liability for death or damages.

(Source: Gardiner Harris of the New York Times; 6-28-08)

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