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FPM’s 2021 In Review

10 Ways Your Teamwork is Making a Difference

  1. Sorting through over 2,700 bills introduced to the California Legislature this 2021-2022 session, FPM analyzed 71 bills in depth and took extensive action on 7 critical bills that would have endangered homeschool freedoms.
  1. Preventing additional rules and regulations for homeschoolers, FPM worked to stop kindergarten from being mandatory for private schools (SB 70).
  1. Serving as your advocate in the legislature, Nathan testified in legislative committee hearings on multiple bills that were dangerous to private homeschooling.
  1. Working to create connections with other government educational agencies, FPM’s relationship with the California Department of Education, which hosts the Private School Affidavit and initiates private school regulations, has significantly improved over the last year.
  1. Equipping private homeschoolers to advocate for and defend their freedoms in practical ways, FPM and CHEA of California hosted Capitol Day and Advocacy from Home with more attendees than previous years, online training materials, and great engagement levels.
  1. Using the training in FPM’s Advocacy from Home program, over 40 private homeschooling families, with more than 110 parents and children, mailed personal letters to over half the members of the state legislature.
  1. Expanding our monitoring of government agencies, FPM dedicated more time and resources in response to the increasing regulations, rules, and orders from the Governor’s Office, the California Department of Public Health, and the California Department of Education.
  1. Maintaining our presence at the Capitol, FPM sent Homeschool Information packets to all 120 representatives in the California Legislature.
  1. Massively increasing in media content, FPM produced over 50 informational and training videos about the legislative process and advocacy.
  1. Compiling 27 rebuttals, FPM responded to Professor Bartholet’s claims concerning homeschooling. See our rebuttals here:

Thank you for being a vital part of FPM!