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Resources on California SB 777

SB 777 – Private Schools & Private Home Schools

SB 777 Still Applies and has not been stayed or reversed

As of August 2021

Question: Does Assembly Member Sheila Kuehl’s bill, SB 777, affect every private school in California, including private home-based schools (i.e. private home schools)?

Answer: No! Regardless of how bad SB 777 is, it does not affect private home schools, or any other private school in California – unless that school meets either one of two specific financial criteria and does not meet the religious tenets test, as explained below. Read more

SB 777 – An Analysis

January 24, 2008

On October 12, 2007, Governor Schwarzenegger signed SB 777 into law. SB 777 deals primarily with what constitutes discrimination against homosexuals. It changes numerous sections in the Education Code (EC). Four of these sections are explained in this article. Read more