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Issues Guide for Homeschooling Families

The following collection of articles explores Biblical principles regarding the relationships between family, education and government. As our culture continues its ever-escalating charge to the left, it is more vital than ever that Christians understand Biblical principles and how to apply them to their lives.

Some of these articles were written by current FPM staff (including executive director Nathan Pierce) and some were written by FPM founder Roy Hanson. Roy founded FPM in 1986 and he truly was a man ahead of his time. Much of what he wrote decades ago still applies today.

We hope that you are both edified and instructed by these articles, and that they will help you build a strong Biblically-centered worldview as you strive to be in the world, but not of it.

About the Authors

Nathan Pierce – Executive Director

Starting in 2002, Nathan Pierce began working at Family Protection Ministries (FPM) and currently serves as the Executive Director. He has over 20 years of experience doing advocacy work at the State Capitol. His role at FPM includes screening the hundreds of bills that pour into the California Legislature each year, closely watching for any that could harm our freedoms as parents, and alerting parents to contact their legislators. He works behind the scenes at the State Capitol, meeting with legislators and staff as well as testifying in committees to advocate on behalf of homeschoolers. Nathan values the importance of evaluating all things from an intentionally biblical worldview and works every day to maintain our freedom to do so.
Nathan was homeschooled through high school and received a B.A. in Political Studies from The Master’s College. Nathan and his wife Betsy were married in 2004 and homeschool their 8 children. In 2018, Nathan received the Chris Klicka award for legislative work from HSLDA.

Roy Hanson – Founder (Retired)

Roy (now retired) and his wife Debra were married in 1972. They educated their children at home through high school. Roy holds a master’s degree in public policy and has many years of experience in legislative analysis and action. Before working in behalf of California homeschoolers full time, he was the Director of the Public Policy Resource Center in Southern California (‘81-‘86). Prior to that, Roy served on the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin (‘77 to ‘81). Roy founded FPM in 1986. Roy Hanson retired from FPM in 2017.

Jim Davis- Legislative Analyst and Liaison (Retired)

Jim married Judy in 1964. They homeschooled their daughter through high school.
Jim received his Bachelor’s Degree in theology from Moody Bible Institute in 1975. Prior to joining Family Protection Ministries, Jim worked sixteen years for PG&E’s Nuclear Quality Assurance Department.
Jim created and developed the current system for searching out and monitoring legislation that FPM uses today. His work in helping formulate strategies used to oppose dangerous legislation and to support beneficial legislation was crucial in the struggle to protect the freedoms to educate and train children at home, free of government interference. Jim Davis retired in 2013.


Defending the freedom of parents to train, educate and care for their children privately, without governmental interference. Working to detect, analyze, monitor, and intervene in all legislation affecting the legality of private home education in California since 1986.