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Homeschool Freedom Day 2022: A Volunteer’s Perspective and Attendees’ Feedback

A Volunteer’s Perspective

My experience at Homeschool Freedom Day was altogether inspiring. When the crowd of people entered the room and were funneled to the registration table, I was nervous about the amount of people I didn’t know.

Before long, however, I discovered that when it comes to homeschooling events there is so much more than just handing packets to the next person in line. Sitting at that registration table with other kids laughing, talking, and handing out items to attendees, I found the fun and joy that can be gained when spending time serving at an event. Volunteering was so much more fun than having nothing to do.

Once we all finished at the registration desk, I sat down, anticipating struggling through the sessions. Almost instantly I was captivated by the speakers’ words. At most homeschool activities involving speakers, I am usually bored and find the hours rather dull. At this particular event I was amazed to find that I was immensely interested.

The topic that struck me most profoundly was Jeremiah Lorrig’s story of John Quincy Adams and of how he took the initiative to do what needed to be done and said ‘I will go’ so many times. The dedication that this story demonstrates is incredible and inspiring as it reminds us that we will not always see the fruits of our labors.

Overall, Homeschool Freedom Day was well worth the time I spent. When asked about attending or volunteering again, I would without doubt say that this is far more worthwhile than the great majority of Saturday activities. Homeschool Freedom Day is worth the time and commitment it takes, hands-down.

Attendees Feedback

“This was my first time attending anything like this. I learned so much about the process that the bills have to go through, how to find the information on the bills, and mostly that our legislators are people too and that it’s okay to contact them. I definitely feel a little more confident to call a [legislator] to voice my opinion than I did before. I was impressed with the conference and the content shared with us. I’m glad I went and would definitely go again.”

“[Spent] the day focused on the homeschooling world outside of our home; a great reminder that we are a community.”