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School Choice – Government Funds in Private Education

Public Funding of Private Schools – 1-Page Research Summaries

You can read the abridged version of our research summaries here regarding the dangers posed to private homeschooling by taking public money via government programs. Read More

Public Funding of Private Schools – Full Research Summaries

Here you can read through our full, unabridged research summaries on the impact of public funding of private education, and the dangers that are included in taking such funds. Read More

Public Money and Private Education Don’t Mix

COVID-19 restrictions and prolonged school closures have highlighted what many of us have known for years: the public-school system is deeply flawed, and the needs of students are given consideration only after the self-serving bureaucracy has waded through its laundry list of demands. Read More

Should We Take Government Money for Private Education?

Taxation and government funding are not new concepts. Throughout human history, governments have levied taxes on their citizens. In Biblical times, the Pharisees tried to muster up accusations against Jesus by questioning Him about paying taxes. Read More

Does Government Have Authority Over the Church and Family?

Far too often, those in government give into the temptation to take responsibility and authority for things outside of their appropriate purview. In the past year, politicians have regulated businesses in ways that clearly violate basic principles of a free economy. Read More

The Civic Virtue of Private Home Education

It was a perfect spring morning in March 2016. With my dark grey suit on ā€” which was not quite warm enough in the shade but was a bit too much in the bright sun ā€” I strolled the cobblestone paths between the Williamsburg Woodlands Hotel and the Woodlands Conference Center. Read More