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Early Childhood Education

Research Summaries of the Effects of Universal Kindergarten.

Here you can read through our full, unabridged research summaries on the impact of Early Childhood Education.

Early Childhood Education: More Harm than Good?

Should we allow the government to further dictate education requirements to younger and younger ages? As Christian parents, we should always be aware of who is influencing our children, especially in their youngest ages. Over the years, many bills have been introduced in California with the intent of making kindergarten mandatory. Fortunately, none of these bills have passed. First grade is currently the start of compulsory education, but SB 70, which makes kindergarten mandatory in public schools, is still an active bill in 2021-2022 legislative session. Read more

Potential Danger for All Boys: New Evidence

While the age of compulsory education is still 6 to 18 years of age, 95% of all five-year-olds in California do attend kindergarten voluntarily. So, we ask: what is wrong with being forced to start your children in a formal education program at 5 years of age? And more specifically, how does it tend to affect boys? And to a large extent the answer is: it’s becoming increasingly clear that the children, especially the boys, in our culture are in danger of having their proper development hindered… Read More

The Invasion of Parental Authority

Most public policy makers and legislators see the role of the parent as just one member of a team that is responsible for preparing all children to be good citizens. For the most part, they see the government’s job as assigning responsibilities to the various team members, providing the resources, certifying the various team members, and holding everyone accountable to perform, and not neglect their responsibilities. Read More