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CHEA – Support Their Work!

If you are a homeschooling parent or considering homeschooling, we enthusiastically recommend attending a Christian Home Educators Association (CHEA) Convention this year.

While there are many excellent local and regional Christian homeschool organizations, CHEA is the only Christian statewide homeschool support organization in California. We need to keep CHEA strong because it has helped keep homeschoolers strong. Attending their convention is a win-win. You help them and you get blessed by attending.

Your attendance is a primary source of financial support for CHEA that gives them the ability to provide year-round quality statewide Christian-based services to new and veteran homeschoolers in California.

CHEA serves to support you and others like you through:

  1. their excellent conventions,
  2. their leadership conferences and training,
  3. their statewide homeschool support network,
  4. their team of staff and volunteers,
  5. the unique materials that they develop (from the Biblical basis for homeschooling to the practical how to’s and encouragement),
  6. their website, emails, and magazine
  7. and finally, their service as a Christian-based homeschool resource clearinghouse.

CHEA also plays a critical role in helping to make sure the freedom to homeschool in California remains strong. CHEA works in a mutually supportive way with:

  1. Family Protection Ministries (FPM) as we serve as CHEA’s legislative liaison to the California State Legislature on all private homeschool-related issues and,
  2. The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and its attorneys who defend parents with legal challenges to their homeschooling.

CHEA also works hard through its leadership and its grassroots network to foster a united approach in preserving our liberties and supporting homeschooling families.

Your support of CHEA, by encouraging attendance at their conventions and membership goes a long way in keeping the homeschool movement in California strong and healthy.

You can contact CHEA at