Capitol Day 2023

Save the Date!

January 18-19th, 2023

A two-day event!

Sacramento, California

Co-Hosted by FPM and CHEA of CA

Bookmark this page and check back often for more information on how you can participate!

The goal of Capitol Day is to provide information about private home education to our California state legislators and their staff in a friendly, professional manner. This also allows legislators and their staff the opportunity to visit with real homeschool families.

All private homeschool families are invited to join us!

Capitol Day serves several purposes:

  • It informs any newly elected legislators and their staff and reminds the veteran legislators of the benefits of private homeschooling.
  • It strengthens our working relationship with them on a professional level.
  • It leaves them with a way to contact us if they ever have any questions about home education.

Our Capitol Day volunteers will visit each of the 120 legislators’ Capitol offices, providing each office with an information packet about private homeschooling. These packets help explain private home education as well as provide research showing that privately home-educated children do very well compared with students from the public schools.

This event is especially vital for the many new legislators and their new aides who have not yet become familiar with private home education. In fact, a significant number of the legislators and their aides have no idea how private homeschooling works, either practically or legally, or that there are homeschoolers in their districts. These visits go a long way toward helping them see that homeschoolers are good, law-abiding citizens who are living and working in their districts.


Wednesday the 18th is training day for all our participating families. We will go over the legislative process and equip attendees to visit state legislators the following day.

Lunch will be provided.

Thursday the 19th will take place at the Sacramento Capitol. Attendees will break off into assigned groups and visit legislator offices to deliver homeschool information packets and talk with legislators about private home education.

There will be Capitol tours available in the afternoon once visits are complete.

This is a 2-day event. One must attend both days in order to participate in visiting legislators’ offices. The training day equips attendees for the official Capitol visit day.

Read about our past Capitol Days here!

Local Debate Tournament day after Capitol Day – January 20, 2023!

Elevate is a local Speech and Debate club that is part of Stoa. Stoa is a National Speech and Debate league that is for Private Homeschoolers and their mission is “To train homeschool students to speak boldly and change the world for Christ.”

Elevate will be hosting a debate tournament on January 20, 2023. The debate tournament will consist of two (2) types of debate: Lincoln Douglas and Team Policy. Lincoln Douglas is a value-based debate where students must examine values under a particular topic. Team Policy is a debate on policy, legislation, and bills. Students are put in a position to develop and defend policies under an assigned topic.

You are invited to participate!

If you are a Stoa member and competitor, you can compete! Only Stoa members are permitted to compete at this tournament.

If you would like to judge or watch private homeschoolers debate real-life issues in the current system, you are welcome to come! You don’t need any debate or judging experience to judge! On the day of the tournament, there will be a judges orientation where you can receive information on the round you will be judging. We need you! The tournament depends on judges! Without judges the tournament can’t happen!

If you are interested in joining Elevate Speech and Debate, you can email Elvie Francisco:

You can check for updates on the tournament website here! A schedule and more information will be posted on that site as the tournament date comes nearer.

Nathan Pierce of FPM will be speaking during the award ceremony as well as handing awards out! We hope to see you there!