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Compilation of Affirming Care Legislation

CA AB 665: Would require professionals dealing with the treatment or counseling of the minor to consult with the minor before involving the parent or guardian. This bill would allow any minor 12 or older to consent to care without the parents’ foreknowledge. Existing law does authorize a minor 12 and older to receive mental health services under specified conditions, but this bill would amend Section 6924 of the Family Code. This would change from whom, what kind of, and where a minor can receive mental health services. The amendment changes the section allowing a counselor to go to the parents before consulting with the child first. It will also allow the placement of a minor into a separate home for treatment without consent of the parents.

Status: This bill has passed through the Assembly Judiciary committee and been read three times on the assembly floor. After passing through the Assembly this bill has now been assigned to the Senate’s rules committee for a committee assignment. The primary sponsors behind this bill are Wendy Carrillo (A) (Author), and Weiner (S).

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CA SB 407: This bill would add an additional consideration in the placement of foster children. The bill states that an understanding and acceptance of all varieties of gender identities and orientations must be considered when choosing a home for a foster child. This additional requirement would essentially remove any potential foster parents/families from fostering a child due to their religious views on sexuality and gender identity.

Status: This bill has passed through the Senate Judiciary committee and is currently waiting in the Senate Appropriations committee for a hearing date. The primary sponsors behind this bill are Weiner (S) (author), Lee (A), and Low (A).

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CA AB 957: This bill, if made into law, would take into consideration the parents’ stance on gender-affirming language and acceptance of their child’s sexual orientation and identity as a factor in deciding custody. It would add an extra consideration for the judge to alter the outcome of a custody agreement. As with SB 407, it would significantly disadvantage religious families or any family with moral convictions and apprehensions around modern sexuality and gender ethics.

Status: This bill has passed from the Assembly into the Senate and is currently awaiting a hearing date in the Rules committee. The primary sponsors behind this bill are Wilson (A) (author), and Wiener (S).

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WA State SB 5599: This bill, which has passed the Washington State legislature and awaits the Governor’s signature, would not require shelters housing runaway youths to notify parents of their child’s location under specified circumstances. Two are of specific interest in this discussion: if the minor is seeking an abortion, or if the child is seeking “gender-affirming care”. These exceptions would essentially remove all rights of a parent over their child if the child runs away for these specific reasons. The state has no obligation to notify the parents that their minor child is at their shelter, and would instead be incentivized to not notify the parents at all under the given circumstances.

Status: Passed the Washington State Legislature and on the Governor’s desk awaiting a signature.