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Advocacy Training Videos

The following videos give details on our Capitol Day event, finding your state legislators, and contacting and establishing a relationship with your state legislators and their staff.

Capitol Day

This video highlights the benefits that attending Capitol Day brings for the homeschooling families, our California legislators, and their staff.
For more information on Capitol Day, visit

Finding Your Legislator

In this video, Nathan gives a walk-through of how you can look up and contact your elected representatives in California.
In order to find your legislator, visit

District Office Visits

In this video, Nathan gives an overview of how a District office visit differs from a State Capitol office, and why both types of visits are vital to maintaining a positive relationship with your legislators.

Writing a Letter to Your Legislator

In this video, Nathan goes over the most important things to consider when writing a letter to your legislator.
Visit… to follow along with Nathan on how to compose your letter.

The following videos contain additional information on the structure of the California government, the legislative process (how a bill becomes law), and the anatomy of a bill.

California Legislature Structure

In this video, Nathan explains how the California Legislature is structured, along with the roles of various legislative members.

The Legislative Process

This video will show you how a bill becomes law in California. Click here to download the Life Cycle of Legislation handout….

The Anatomy of a Bill

In this video, Nathan walks through how to read, understand, and track legislation in California. To print a handout of the anatomy of a bill and how a bill is structured, visit