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US HR15 is a Federal bill claiming to have the intention “To prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and for other purposes.” However, it is clear that the outcome in many ways would be to force Christian organizations and schools to accept all aspects of the LGBTQ agenda in order to keep from “discriminating” against anyone.

If a school asserts that there are only two genders, if they refuse to hire someone presenting an openly deviant sexual identity, or if they will not allow boys in the girls’ locker rooms, the school will be penalized.

The “Equality Act” is so radical that it expressly strips the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RDFA) of its defense.

Alliance Defending Freedom General Counsel (ADF) Kristen Waggoner states that “Any legislation that hides behind ‘equality’ or ‘fairness’ but undermines these constitutional freedoms is misguided, at best, and hostile, at worst.”

The constitutional violations that would come from this bill would not stop at requiring Christian organizations to violate their Christian convictions by hiring someone living in a sinful, sexual lifestyle. Non-Christian schools and organizations would be facing issues with the requirement to hire someone regardless of the concern about the influence that persons’ sexual identity or presentation might have on children or employees/customers. There is a difference between prudent discrimination and prejudiced discrimination. Many of these people pose that their sexual identity is their only identity, and with a school board or parents’ prudent discernment, those types of people should not be teaching children.

“With Congress back in session, HR 15 is a high priority for LGBTQ advocates. If this bill is signed into law, it would be a devastating blow to religious freedom and Christian education in America that would be very difficult to recover from.”

-Mat Staver’s article ‘This Could Devastate Christian Education’; Liberty Counsel.

This bill has been presented many years in a row but especially since this year the Republicans have the House, the chances of it passing are low. We can be hopeful that this bill will die, but history shows it has resurfaced every year without fail since 2019. It is likely this bill or a similar one will come up again next year and we will need to fight it even harder.

Understanding what this bill stands for is important as we continue to stand firm in our convictions for freedoms and for truth in a world that posits that truth is subjective. Kristen Waggoner summarizes very well that “Congress has no business forcing every American to agree with a controversial government-imposed ideology on sexuality or be treated as an outlaw.”

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