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The Legislature is on Summer Recess from July 15th to August 14th. Although bills will not move during this time, our Government and Legislators still need our many prayers.

Here are our most critical bills and where they are in the process of becoming law:

Bill Number:Position:More Info:Status:Action Item:
AB 957– Affirming Parent Gets The KidsStrongly OPPOSEAmended 7/3
In Senate for floor vote

No hearing date yet- keep calling
Call Senator
SB 407– Only Affirming Parents Can FosterStrongly OPPOSE Approps

No hearing date yet- keep calling
Call Assembly Member

AB 1057– Social Worker New Parent Home Visits
Strongly OPPOSE
Senate Approps
Suspense File
Call Senator

AB 659 Cancer Prevention Act
We OpposedAmended 7/3
Senate Approps

Hearing date 7/12/23
No further action needed