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by an FPM Intern

Generation Joshua (GenJ) is part of the Homeschool Legal Defense Association’s political action arm, HSLDA Action, whose vision is to “assist parents to raise up the next generation of Christian leaders and citizens, equipped to positively influence the political processes of today and tomorrow.” That might seem like an overwhelming or even impossible mission to some, but GenJ’s spectacular methods effectively give young people the zeal to do just that. 

GenJ events are fun! Rather than listening to a lecture to teach you to be good citizens and how to solve problems, GenJ puts you into a life-like situation within different political simulations and asks you, “So now what are you going to do about it?” The choice is up to you. As one student said, “It’s also fun when you have little to no adult supervision.” GenJ is very hands-on. It is entirely a ‘learn by doing’ situation. You may try something, and maybe it doesn’t work. Instead of giving up, you try something else and press on until you find something that does work. It makes you have to use your brain to think through things while having fun at the same time. You get to work on a project you previously knew nothing about, learn more about it as you go, and try to make the best decisions possible. 

Another factor in GenJ is the people you work alongside. It is well-known that people become friends more quickly when given a project to do together as a team instead of being put in a room together and being expected to make friends. GenJ provides an environment where working with other people is critical. Often, you have to learn to rely on others as much as yourself. Sometimes the people you build these relationships with during the simulations become lifelong friends. Hanging out with teenagers around your age is fun, but working on a challenging project and growing together is even more fun!

Learning Christian worldview principles of government is the primary goal of GenJ. Additionally, it is entirely a hands-on experience! What better way to learn and retain information than taking part in an incredible life-like simulation instead of being given a pile of facts and told to memorize them? GenJ “provides training opportunities for teenagers.” How? By teaching them what it means to stand up for what’s right, even when it comes to the government. As once stated by John Quincy Adams, “Duty is ours, results are God’s.” We have to fight for this country. GenJ is an excellent way to prepare teenagers for that duty–teaching them about government, a Christian’s role in respect to it, and how to boldly step forward and become a leader. 

Generation Joshua events are an enjoyable, hands-on opportunity for teenagers to have fun, make friends, and learn about government from a Christian perspective. Even though not everyone is the same, anyone can find a place to fit in, engage, and learn! Don’t pass up a chance to participate in this incredible opportunity. Go and learn about the workings of government from the United Nations to the White House. Make friends and develop relationships. Work with others as a team on each project and learn to make a difference in our world.