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Dear Friends,

As the calendar year is winding down, things at the State Capitol are gearing up. Since legislators were sworn in on December 5th, at least 160 bills have already been introduced!

It was disheartening to see blue California turn an even deeper shade with this election cycle. However, there is a bright spot! Josh Hoover, himself a homeschool graduate, was elected to represent California Assembly District 7. Previously serving as Kevin Kiley’s chief of staff, he has already proven to be a great advocate for homeschool freedom. We are excited to see him in the legislature!

What can we expect from the legislature this session? We anticipate some of the same battles we have fought before. The attacks against Biblical family—especially the idea of parents being the authority over their children—are becoming more direct and intentional. With the growth of homeschooling during the COVID epidemic, private education is receiving more scrutiny than ever before. There is also an expectation of legislation regarding guns and LGTBQ issues. These issues may not involve homeschooling directly, but such regulation chips away at the foundations of religious liberty and parental rights—the two pillars of homeschool freedom—both in California and on a national scale.

Stay in Prayer

Please pray for our upcoming Capitol Day event. In view of anticipated legislative battles, it is vital that we make personal connections with our legislators. We need to build relationships now so we have a foundation in place when we come to them with concerns about legislation. As attacks on traditional family and parental rights increase, it is essential that our connections to legislators and their staff be as strong as possible

Please pray that we will have eyes to see any legislation that could affect parental rights and private home education. California will likely introduce more bills than the federal government during this upcoming two-year session, potentially between two and three thousand! FPM utilizes software tailored for these searches, but we still spend many hours sifting through bills and analyzing content. Each bill must be re-read every time it is amended. We want to be vigilant, aware of every bill that brings a threat to private home education.

Once the standard of Biblical truth is removed, on what do you base your morals and standards? We are seeing this play out before our very eyes. As the Bible is disregarded as the plumbline for truth, society is becoming increasingly adrift, celebrating things that were unspeakable only a few short years ago.

Nationally, with the Respect for Marriage Act, we are seeing a direct attack on the Biblical design for family. There is a well-designed movement to not only promote these ideas, but to insist that everyone must embrace them. Here in California, the culture war has come home to roost. Either intentionally or not, religious liberty, parental rights, and homeschool freedom are in the crosshairs. We anticipate this trend will continue.

Stay Connected:

Capitol Day 2023 is coming up! On January 18th and 19th, participants will receive training and visit legislator’s capitol offices to hand deliver information about private home education. Space is limited, but seats are still available for this important event. Visit website to learn more:

During this holiday season, consider visiting your legislator’s district office and bringing them some homemade cookies or flowers. You can make a positive impact by going to a legislator’s district office and simply introducing yourself as someone who lives in their district. You will xstand out, since most people who visit are either looking for help or registering a complaint!

Stay Informed:

FPM has launched a podcast titled The Frontline. Every Friday, Nathan discusses the most up-to-date information about current legislative battles. You can watch the video version on our YouTube channel or visit for information about available platforms.

Make sure you are on our email list so you receive Action Alerts and information about current legislation. Visit to sign up.

The crux of the battle is this: who will make the decisions and be the guardians of our children and grandchildren? Parents or the state? We need your support, financially and in prayer, as we strive to protect Biblical family and private home education in California.

Be vigilant. Do not fear. If God is for us, who can be against us?
(Romans 8:31)