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It has been an incredibly busy year here at Family Protection Ministries. We worked in and out of the Capitol on numerous bills, hosted events across the state, and grew our connections amidst the fast-paced environment of the state government. We want to thank you, our supporters, for making all of these things possible. Listed below are some of the biggest accomplishments of 2022, made possible by your support. 

Please continue to pray for FPM as we move into the new year and the new legislative session. Our work relies on your generosity, and we are incredibly thankful for what God has blessed us with this year through you. 

1. As numerous bills threatened homeschool and parental freedoms, FPM maintained our presence at the Capitol by sending Homeschool Information packets to all 120 representatives as well as met both in person and online with legislators and staff members to build relationships and advocate on specific legislation.

2. Continuing to foster working relationships with other state agencies, FPM maintained a positive relationship with the California Department of Education (CDE) this year that allowed us to favorably advocate for private homeschooling freedoms during specific communications and meetings relating to the Private School Affidavit and private school regulations, which the CDE oversees.

3. In conjunction with CHEA of CA, NHERI, and BJU Press Homeschool, FPM released the results from a 2022 standardized achievement test scores analysis of California homeschool students. California homeschool students scored at the 78th to 88th percentile in reading, language, math, science, and social studies – this is 28 to 38 percentile points above the national average!

4. Nathan interacted in-person with thousands of homeschool families and leaders at 30 separate events, telling them about FPM’s mission and work, educating them on their homeschool rights and freedoms, and equipping them in advocacy. This included homeschool conferences, leadership events, teen gatherings, pastors conferences, churches, and smaller homeschool events.

5. In order to better notify families on current homeschool and parental issues being pushed in the Legislature, FPM increased social media outreach about legislation and gained a significant following throughout the year. Our short-form legislative video updates were especially popular.

6. As co-hosts, FPM and CHEA of CA trained and equipped over 125 individuals in how to advocate for their homeschool freedoms from their own districts in the conference Homeschool Freedom Day at William Jessup University in February.

7. Carrying out the mission to advocate for private homeschooling inside of legislator’s districts, FPM continued its Advocacy from Home program where families were trained and made successful meetings with their state representatives at their district office.

8. Educating students in biblical government and economics with an emphasis on hands-on citizenship and advocacy, FPM’s Executive Director Nathan Pierce launched and taught a government class for homeschool junior and seniors.