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Leading up to Giving Tuesday, we will be highlighting some of the liberties we enjoy here in this nation. There are always things to improve, but we want to acknowledge what a blessing it is to live in a country that fosters these liberties. Check out our latest posts on the social medias below as we count the many Blessings of Liberty up through Giving Tuesday.

#1 Our Freedom of Speech

At FPM, we regularly exercise this fundamental right. The ability to voice our support or opposition of bills brought up in the legislature without fear of oppression is immensely important. While there is always the chance of ridicule when expressing our beliefs, we do not have to worry about our security. This is an invaluable liberty in this world.

#2 Our Freedom to Vote

We as citizens have an influence on who leads our government! The ability to voice our opinions through voting is so valuable. Our work at FPM puts us right in the thick of government work, and we know first-hand how much the people elected to represent us have an effect on lawmaking. We must continue to protect this fundamental, important right. 

#3 Our Freedom of Religion

One of our most treasured liberties is the ability to attend church, share the gospel, and practice our religion openly. We are able to freely express our beliefs without concern of oppression on those grounds. At FPM, we are so thankful that we are able to freely share how God is working through this ministry!

#4 Our Freedom of Education

The freedom to choose how we educate our children is fundamental to our work at FPM. We’ve been working to protect the right to privately educate children in California since 1986, and will continue as long as this organization is supported. Thank you to everyone who has donated to our cause over the last few decades!