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Watch Our Video Update Below!

SB 866’s vote has again been postponed until this upcoming Monday, June 13th. There is still time to call your Assembly Member before Monday! The calls are making an impression. Thank you to everyone who has called.

Call your Assembly Member TODAY to make your voice heard! Click the button below and enter your address in order to find out who your representatives are.

The name under the green banner, as shown below, is your Assembly Member. Follow that link to your Assembly Member’s website.At the bottom of their website, find their Capitol Office phone number and call today to voice your opposition to SB 866.

This is the LAST CHANCE in the legislature to voice your opposition to SB 866! If it is passed by the Assembly, it will go to the desk of Governor Newsom. From there it would become law if signed by the Governor.

SB 866 Is a Mandate for Children! SB 866 requires children aged 12 and older to make a decision for themselves whether or not to get any vaccine meeting the bill’s requirement regardless of their parents’ knowledge, wisdom, or wishes. Children will be forced to make a medical decision–in many cases–under pressure and for the very first time.

Quickly pass on this update to others who might respond and call their Assembly Member!

Encouragement from Unlikely Places

Your involvement and advocacy on behalf of parental rights has had a HUGE impact on this process. 

Yesterday, June 8th, Assemblyman Patrick O’Donnell publicly posted a summary of his thoughts on SB 866. He states that “S.B. 866 is an overreach… parents have the primary role in raising their children and participating in their medical decisions.” While Assemblyman O’Donnell points out that he is very pro-vaccine, he cannot endorse the invasion of parental rights that SB 866 poses.

This public statement of opposition from Assemblyman O’Donnell is a huge victory! He is the Chair of the Education Committee, a powerful position within the Assembly. Hopefully this statement will drive other Assembly Members to consider their position on SB 866 more deeply.

Please call your Assembly Representative if you have not done so already, and continue to pray for those that will be voting on this dangerous bill in the near future. The vote could take place as soon as this upcoming Monday, June 13th.

To read the full statement from Assemblyman O’Donnell on our website, visit this link:

You can find your Assembly Representative at this link:

And you can read our full Action Alert on SB 866 and the danger it poses here: