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Today (July 14th) is the last day you can register your students in this year’s window of testing. We hope you decide to participate in this important study!

Sign up today!

Watch the video below to see what these tests are like and why they are so important for homeschool advocacy.

About the Tests

For the very first time, we will be able to collect California-specific data about private homeschoolers’ academic achievements. This kind of research has never been done before. We are confident as parents that private home education produces excellent academic results. Participating in this study is a powerful way to be an advocate for private homeschooling!

Our friends at CHEA of California are partnering with us (FPM), NHERI (National Home Education Research Institute), and BJU Press Homeschool to conduct this research study on private homeschoolers’ academic performance. This study will be important for presenting hard data to the California Legislature if the question of homeschooling’s effectiveness is brought up. We need students from California to participate in testing before the end of July 2021.

How to Participate in Testing and Research

  1. Order your test(s) through CHEA’s link at
  2. Have your student test.
  3. Once test results post, you must fill out our survey to be included in homeschool research and advocacy at

Disclaimer: FPM, CHEA, and NHERI do NOT receive any proceeds from testing fees. All rebates are given to families in the form of a discount on testing fees.