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Bill: SB 70 (as amended) – Mandatory Kindergarten

Author: State Senator Rubio

SB 70 has been amended to remove private schools from the new kindergarten requirement – it now only applies to public schools. Though still an infringement on parental rights for those who choose to send their children to public schools, we are grateful for the amendment and that the author has agreed to leave private education alone with regard to kindergarten. SB 70 no longer applies to private schools. And, since homeschools are private schools, it doesn’t apply to homeschoolers.

Thank you for taking action and calling senators when we sent out our Action Alerts on SB 70. The author’s office let us know that your many phone calls influenced their decision to amend the bill and remove private schools from the mandatory kindergarten requirement. Thank you for your teamwork!

We will continue to track SB 70 to watch for any additional changes. The amended version of SB 70 is currently waiting for a vote on the floor of the California State Senate.

For more information about SB 70, see our latest action alert.

FPM and HSLDA work together to identify potentially threatening legislation that could impact the freedom of private home education in California. We closely analyze every bill we have identified as troublesome. After we determine the best strategy, we go into action. As needed, we contact you through our email alerts and websites, asking for your crucial help in contacting your state legislators.