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Bill: SB 70 (as amended) – Mandatory Kindergarten

Author: State Senator Rubio

We continue to strongly oppose and closely watch SB 70 (Mandatory Kindergarten). Thank you for taking action and calling the Senate Appropriations Committee and other Senators when we sent out our Action Alerts on SB 70.

SB 70 was heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee and was placed on the committee’s suspense file where bills are held to be considered later as a group. SB 70 would need to be approved by the Appropriations Committee and then by the whole State Senate before going to the Assembly. Based on previous bills in this situation, it is unlikely that SB 70 will move forward before mid-May, but it could happen at any time.

No action is needed now. We will notify you when action is needed again on SB 70.

For more information about SB 70, see our last action alert on SB 70

FPM and HSLDA work together to identify potentially threatening legislation that could impact the freedom of private home education in California. We closely analyze every bill we have identified as troublesome. After we determine the best strategy, we go into action. As needed, we contact you through our email Alerts and websites, asking for your crucial help in contacting your state legislator.