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Stand Firm! We Won’t Be Shaken!

It is tempting to place our hope in the outcome of elections. However we must remember that the kingdoms of this world will come and go, but God is on his throne for all of eternity! God is neither surprised nor distressed by the 2020 elections. He is working out his eternal plan for his glory and the ultimate good of his people. We can trust Him now and forever.

The Work of Protecting Your Freedoms Must Continue

This is not a time to wring our hands or panic; it is time to keep vigilant. There is an increased need to be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Regardless of who is sitting in the Oval Office, the attacks on freedom both in California and across the nation are not going to stop. 

Attacks on the family will continue. Attacks on education will continue. Attacks on the gospel everywhere will continue. There is a supermajority of very liberal democrats in California. It is even more critical to work behind the scenes and build relationships when there is so little political power backing our cause. From the world’s perspective the odds are dramatically against us, and a narrative is being driven that does not proclaim the truth. But God delights to work in such circumstances! 

Through supernatural intervention, Moses led the Israelites through the Red Sea to safety even when the Egyptian army pursued them. The Philistine army scoffed at David, until God enabled him to slay their champion Goliath. God preserved His own Son by having his family flee to Egypt while Herod decreed that every baby boy be killed. God’s plan always prevails.

The horse is prepared for the day of the battle, but the battle is the Lord’s. God will use whatever and whoever he wants to be sure that His truth is proclaimed. Lies will be exposed in His time. All will bow to Him.

Partner with Us & Support Our Work

Family Protection Ministries is dedicated to protecting parental rights and private homeschool freedoms, working tirelessly on the behalf of all Californians, that they would have the freedom to train, educate and care for their children privately, without governmental interference. Jim Mason, Vice President of HSLDA, recently commended FPM, saying, “Jim and Roy, and now Nathan Pierce, epitomize for me the value of the quiet warriors who keep homeschooling free — often behind the scenes — without fanfare or public acclaim. As Family Protection Ministries, they monitor legislation, have relationships with legislators, and work with HSLDA and all the homeschooling groups in California — especially CHEA — to keep a unified front against unneeded regulation.” 

Such vital work can only be accomplished with great effort and teamwork. COVID-19 restrictions have severely limited Nathan’s opportunities for speaking at conferences and networking, while simultaneously increasing FPM’s operating expenses. Thank you so much to all of you who already financially partner with us! If you haven’t donated to FPM, please consider supporting us as we continue to fight for your freedoms!