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Throughout the past several months, we have spent a considerable amount of our time and energies detecting, analyzing, monitoring, and intervening in non-legislative policymaking here in California. This includes the many executive orders from the Governor and guidance documents from the California Department of Education (CDE), the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), and various other state and local agencies.

Some of these orders and guidance documents have been more straightforward than others. Some have taken extensive analysis and research to understand their impact on homeschool families throughout the state. As you are aware, the impacts of these orders have reached far and wide both in size and scope. Areas of impact for homeschool families have included small, local meetings and park days, larger gatherings such as co-ops and classes, book sales, conferences, leadership training events, field trips, and much more.

The orders are ever changing and homeschool group leaders throughout the state are struggling to keep up. We have answered many phone calls from leaders and parents and worked closely with HSLDA and CHEA of California to provide accurate information and help as needed.