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Leading up to Giving Tuesday this year, we will be doing a series of posts about reasons to consider giving to Family Protection Ministries (FPM). Reasons to Give to FPM (1 of 5)

Our mission at FPM is to protect the right of parents to train, educate, and care for their children privately, without governmental interference. The primary purpose of FPM is to protect homeschool freedoms by monitoring all bills and interacting with the California Legislature.

Since 1986, we have been working to detect, analyze, monitor, and intervene when needed in all legislation affecting the legality of private home education in California.

This has been an unparalleled year in many ways, with our normal way of life being impacted and threatened on multiple fronts. Despite the challenges brought on by COVID-19, and the devastating dual threats of riot and wildfire, the drive of some governmental authorities to curtail parental rights has not stopped. We must remain vigilant to preserve the freedoms we have long enjoyed in California.