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Much of our work is done behind the scenes, but our full-time work is needed all year.

One example of our work this year was an amendment to SB 2. SB 2 is a database bill designed to track student achievement in schools P-20 (preschool through college). This bill was initially written to collect data for all students in California including students in private homeschools. Submitting meticulous information to the state would be invasive and burdensome for private homeschools, and would likely lead to further regulations.

Through much tireless behind-the-scenes work, FPM’s Nathan Pierce (working together with HSLDA President, Michael Smith) crafted an amendment exempting private homeschools, which the author of SB 2 eventually accepted and adopted into the bill. Our amendment currently protects private homeschoolers from the effects of SB 2. This bill is still active and will be carried over to 2020.

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