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Legislative Newsflash

May 28, 2019
From: Roy Hanson and Nathan Pierce – Family Protection Ministries

Our Continuing Advocacy Work

Family Protection Ministries (FPM) does a considerable amount of research and works behind the scenes to protect families from dangerous provisions or unnecessary and burdensome requirements in bills. So far, 2,906 bills have been introduced into the California State Legislature this 2019-2020 session. We are closely monitoring over one hundred and fifty bills going through the legislative process. We have been working behind the scenes more extensively on thirty-one of those bills.

Capitol Day 2019 Volunteers Advocating at the State Capitol
2,906 – the number of bills that have been introduced in the California State Legislature this 2019-2020 session

Over 150 – the number of bills we are closely monitoring that are going through the legislative process

31 – the number of bills we have been working on more extensively behind the scenes

We, FPM, and Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) work together to identify potentially threatening legislation that could impact the freedom of private home education in California. There is no other organization in California like FPM that evaluates each bill introduced into the state legislature and catches the bills that could impact families that choose private homeschooling.

After we carefully evaluate every bill we have identified as a threat to our current homeschool freedoms and determine the best strategy, we go into action. As needed, we contact you through our Email Alerts and website, letting you know of any threats to our current homeschool freedoms and asking you to take action by contacting your state legislators.

At present, we are working closely on a handful of bills. Due to the sensitive nature and confidentiality of much of our work, we are not sending updates on all of the bills we are working on currently. Please pray that our work at FPM is successful and that our homeschool freedoms remain intact. If it becomes necessary, we will send out an Action Alert explaining in detail who needs to be contacted at the Legislature at the very best time.

Family Protection Ministries Booth

Because of the relationships we have developed in California and our over 30 years of experience, most of what we do in protecting your homeschool freedoms is done behind the scenes. This is by far the most effective way to make positive changes to legislation, when strategically possible.

We must continue to monitor all legislation that impacts our homeschool freedoms, and this is a monumental task in California. More bills are introduced in California than in the U.S. Congress. Our full-time work is needed all year. 

We need to be in place before the fire hits, not afterwards, if we want to prevent a disaster.

We, FPM, must continue to visit the various legislative offices to maintain the relationships that have made it possible to stop or amend bills. The opposition is not going to go away. Further efforts will be made to add new restrictions to homeschoolers in California.

We know that, as God has done in the past, He will bless your prayers, support, and calls to your state legislators. It is a privilege to work in partnership with you and with CHEA (Christian Home Educators Association of California) and other organizations to preserve our freedoms. It is critical that we continue to be as vigilant as ever in California.

We are truly grateful for you and your teamwork efforts to protect our freedoms. However, our giving is down. Your support of FPM makes it possible for us to advocate on every bill that would reduce your freedom to homeschool privately.

We are thankful for your much needed support and are praying that your financial support will remain steady through this year. If you are able to give more today, your gift would be greatly appreciated.

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Nathan Pierce and Roy Hanson

Family Protection Ministries

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