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Joint Legislative Action Alert

Help Protect Homeschooling Families from New Bill Proposing More Regulations

March 28, 2018

From: Roy Hanson—Family Protection Ministries, and Mike Smith—HSLDA

Bill: AB 2926 (Eggman)—as amended March 20, 2018—a new homeschooling bill. Requires evaluation of private homeschooling for adding new requirements and restrictions such as teacher certification, health and safety inspections, and curriculum standards.

Status: In Assembly Education Committee—no official hearing date set, but will likely occur by the end of April.


Outline of Information included in this Action Alert:

  • Summary of Concerns on a New Bill AB 2926—Home Schools: Advisory Committee
  • Action Items for AB 2926
  • Oppositions Points to AB 2926
  • Background of AB 2926
  • Update on AB 2756—Fire Inspections

Summary of Concerns on a New Bill AB 2926

We now have a second bill that threatens our private homeschool freedoms in California. AB 2926 (Eggman) was introduced on February 16 and amended on March 20, 2018.

The bill intends to remove private homeschools from the private school exemption, a legal means of private homeschooling in California that was clearly confirmed by the Jonathan L. v. Superior Court decision, 165 Cal App. 4th 1074.

Under AB 2926, a committee would be formed by the Superintendent of Public Instruction to report to the Board of Education as to the appropriateness of imposing additional requirements on a “homeschool.” The committee’s report “shall include recommendations regarding health and safety inspections [of the home], additional specific curriculum standards, and certification or credentialing of teachers [parents].”

The ultimate intent of this bill is to create a separate exemption to public school attendance for private homeschooling. This will give the legislature raw power to regulate private homeschooling, opening up even the possibility of home visits to observe the children and instruction and to inspect the home as the place of instruction. The mandating of specific curriculum and requiring private homeschooling parents to be certified teachers could eliminate private homeschooling as an option for most parents.

Action Items for 2926

1)  CALL ASSEMBLY MEMBER EGGMAN, (916) 319-2013, asking her to withdraw her bill using one or more of the opposition points below. When calling, it is very important to be polite.  

2) PLEASE SHARE THIS EMAIL WITH OTHERS. Spread the word to those who support private homeschooling.

Opposition Points to AB 2926

1.  There is no credible evidence that privately homeschooled children are more susceptible to abuse than other children, nor that their education is deficient. The evidence is to the contrary. Therefore, there is no rational basis for removing private homeschools from being a type (or species) of private schools, which has been legally done for the last 40 years.

2.  There is no credible evidence to justify establishing a committee to “investigate” private homeschooling in California for the purpose of submitting a report to the Board of Education. The requirement that the committee consider additional regulations for private homeschooling ignores numerous studies that conclude that private homeschoolers’ scores on standardized tests, on average, are equal to, and in many cases, higher than their public-school counterparts. Additionally, privately homeschooled students in low and moderately regulated states like California score just as well as their counterparts in highly regulated states like Pennsylvania and New York.

3.  The requirement that the committee consider health and safety inspections of private homeschoolers is offensive and can only be based on the Turpin case, which implies all private homeschoolers are capable of what the Turpins are charged with doing. This is an insult to all the other law-abiding private homeschoolers who provide a loving, healthy learning environment for their children.

4. To require the committee to consider specific curriculum standards again demonstrates a complete distrust of parents who homeschool privately. The academic genius of private homeschooling lies in allowing parents to choose curriculum that meets the individual needs of each student.

5. To require the committee to consider forcing parents to be certified teachers ignores the research that clearly reveals that the children of non-credentialed parents do as well or better on standardized achievement tests than the children of credentialed parents.  

Background of AB 2926

If AB 2926 passes, private homeschooling will eventually be separated from the current private school exemption. This will mean more regulation and less liberty, which is clearly not in the best interest of privately homeschooled students in California. We must defeat this bill now or the freedom to privately homeschool as we know it will be in jeopardy.

This battle could be strung out over time, but we must all join together and do everything we can now to defend these constitutional freedoms. Your action now, and until this bill is stopped, is critical to preserving our current freedom.

Update on AB 2756—Fire Inspections

Thank you to all who have taken the actions requested in our AB 2756 action alert (a different and still active homeschool bill). AB 2756, as currently written, would require annual fire inspections of private homeschoolers’ residences without a warrant or reasonable cause.

Although the author’s office has indicated that he will amend the bill to remove the fire inspections, as of this writing, that has not occurred.

However, he intends to leave in the bill additions to the Private School Affidavit that private homeschoolers file each year, which would separate out private homeschools from other types of private schools for the purpose of collecting more data about private homeschooling in California. We will send an action alert on AB 2756 prior to its first hearing.

This current battle to protect homeschool freedoms has stretched our already-tight funding very thin. Please consider donating financially and pray that we would remain strong throughout this legislative session. Without your support, we would not be able to advocate on your behalf on bills like AB 2926 and AB 2756.

Roy Hanson and Nathan Pierce
Family Protection Ministries
PO Box 730
Lincoln, CA 95648


Permission given to share this Action Alert unaltered to your friends, church, school, and group.