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From: Roy Hanson–Family Protection Ministries and Mike Smith–HSLDA

Bill: AB 713 – Mandatory Kindergarten Defeated!!!
A Great Victory for Children and their Parents

We Strongly Opposed.

Thank you for your important prayers, letters, and phone calls that made a big difference!

AB 713 was passed by the California State Assembly in 2015, but died in the Senate Appropriations Committee this August (2016) thanks to your prayers and actions.

It is with grateful hearts and thanksgiving to God that this bill was defeated. This is truly an answer to prayer. This important victory should give us all encouragement to stay in California and fight for our freedoms.

We appreciate all who helped with your vital letters, phone calls, prayers, and teamwork support of FPM’s work at the Capitol in Sacramento. FPM’s Nathan Pierce testified in committees against AB 713 on your behalf.

Summary of Concern:

AB 713 was a direct threat to the education and development of children and also would have diminished parental rights by making kindergarten mandatory before taking the first grade. This bill would have forced the addition of one more year to a child’s education.

No further action is required on AB 713.

For more information about AB 713, including why we opposed it, please visit our website. If you haven’t already, please read our paper demonstrating the dangers of early formal education programs, including for example, activities that require close eye focus for young children, including reading, writing, or using a computer or any small screen device like a smartphone. These dangers are not limited to education but can include some recreational activities as well.

Thanks again for your important prayers, letters, phone calls, and teamwork support of this ministry!

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This Newsflash was sent out by:
Roy Hanson and Nathan Pierce
Family Protection Ministries
PO Box 730
Lincoln, CA 95648