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NEWSFLASH – March 29, 2016
From:  Roy Hanson and Nathan Pierce — Family Protection Ministries
Subject: San Diego Conference and Legislative Update
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Homeschool Conference


Homeschool conference in San Diego April 15th -16th

hosted by Heritage Christian School

Equipping parents to disciple their children from a Biblical worldview
while fully developing their individual
God-given talents and academic aspirations

FPM’s Nathan Pierce will be speaking at this event, and his wife Betsy will be with him at the FPM booth. Please consider attending this event.  We hope to see you there!

Conference Information

Register Now

General registration – $25/person plus $15/spouse



Legislative Update

The California Legislature has been working frantically to write and rewrite a myriad of bills.  We are continuing to work hard to evaluate hundreds of bills to see if they would affect private homeschooling and parental rights in California.

We continue to strongly oppose and closely watch AB 713 (Mandatory Kindergarten).  Last year, AB 713 failed to pass and was put on hold.  It is unlikely that AB 713 will move forward before this summer, but it could happen at any time. No action is needed now. For more information, see our last action alert on AB 713.

If AB 713 or any other bill dangerous to homeschooling or parental rights moves forward and needs action, we will send out action alerts to those on our email list. Click here to find out how to receive our email alerts and updates.


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