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From:  Roy Hanson — Family Protection Ministries and Mike Smith — HSLDA
Bill:  AB 713 (by Weber) as recently amended
Makes Kindergarten Mandatory
Position:  Strongly OPPOSE
Status:  In Assembly Education Committee. Hearing set for Wednesday, April 8th.
Reminder – Make Phone Calls Today (Tuesday)

Summary of Concern:
Under current law, parents can choose to have their child skip kindergarten and begin at the 1st grade.  If AB 713 were to pass, it would eliminate this current parental choice by mandating that every child attend kindergarten for one school year before they could be admitted to the first grade.

Our action alert gives specific instructions on who to call and what to say. This bill has more long-term implications than what appears on the surface. Please read our action alert for more details.

If you haven’t called yet, or want to call again, now is the time. Please follow the instructions on our action alert posted at

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Roy Hanson and Nathan Pierce
Family Protection Ministries
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