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JOINT NEWSFLASH – September 26, 2012
From:  Roy Hanson — Family Protection Ministries and Mike Smith — HSLDA

Please forward this email unaltered to your friends, church, school, and group.

As the California Secretary of State puts it, “The strength of our democracy depends on the willingness of our citizens to help choose the people who will lead us, and to make our voices heard on issues of importance to the future of our state and nation.”

If you have changed your permanent residence or changed your name since the last election in which you voted, you will have to register again to be eligible to vote on November 6th.

One in seven people who think that they are registered to vote actually aren’t.  To check and see if you are registered to vote in your current city please visit

If you are not already registered to vote, you must complete a Voter Registration Form and mail it to your county elections office.  Your completed Voter Registration Form must be mailed (postmarked) by October 22nd in order to be able to vote in the November 6th General Election.

To get a Voter Registration Form, (1) call your county elections office (their number is listed in your phone book); (2) call the Secretary of State at (800) 345-8683; or (3) go to and print the form.

To register to vote online visit: and fill out the online form following the instructions on the site.

If you are registered, you should receive official voter information from your County Elections Office sometime during the second half of this month (October).

To vote by mail, your county elections office must receive your request for a ballot by October 22nd.  Further instructions on how to request a vote-by-mail ballot are available at

After completing the ballot you received after your request to vote by mail, your ballot must be mailed in time to be received at your county elections office on or before Tuesday, November 6th or can be hand delivered to any polling place in your county or to your county elections office before 8:00 PM on November 6th.

To vote is to put your oar of responsibility in the waters of decision-making. Not to vote is to leave your family’s future entirely to those who are “pulling on their oars.”  Help steer the boat – VOTE in the California General Election!

For additional voter information, call your county elections office or go to

Again, we urge you to forward this article unaltered to your friends, church, school, and group.