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From: Roy Hanson–Family Protection Ministries and Mike Smith–HSLDA

Bill: AB 2203 (as introduced 2/23/12) – 5-Year-Old Compulsory Education
Author: State Assembly Member V. Manuel Perez

Position: Strongly OPPOSE

Thanks for your important phone calls!

Status: AB 2203 passed the Assembly Education Committee on April 11th. Although the committee made some minor amendments to AB 2203, our position is that no amendments will help. The bill is now in the Assembly Appropriations Committee waiting to be assigned a hearing date. We will keep you updated as further information becomes available.

Below is the record of the vote taken at the Education Committee hearing:

Ayes 6 – Noes 4: Pass

Julia Brownley (D)
Tom Ammiano (D)
Betsy Butler (D)
Wilmer Amina Carter (D)
Mike Eng (D)
Das Williams (D)

Chris Norby (R)
Shannon Grove (R)
Linda Halderman (R)
Donald Wagner (R)

Absent, Abstaining, or Not Voting
Joan Buchanan (D)

Summary of Concern:

AB 2203 would lower the compulsory education age from 6 to 5 years of age, in effect making kindergarten mandatory. AB 2203 also would take another incremental step toward forcing a mandatory state-licensed preschool program for all 3 and 4-year-olds.

Action Items:

No action is needed at this time. We will follow up with another email action alert when the next action is needed. A big thank you to those who contacted the Assembly expressing your opposition to the bill. Please be alert, as we will need your help again in the near future.