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From: Roy Hanson’s Private and Home Educators of California and HSLDA

Bill: AB 66 – Student’s Work Permits
Author: State Assembly Member Joel Anderson
Status: At the Governor’s Office for his signature or veto

Information Included In This E-mail:
A. Summary
B. Action Items
C. Background

A. Summary:

AB 66 will authorize principals or administrators of private schools (including private schools which offer homeschool programs) to issue work permits to students enrolled in their school. If this bill is signed and becomes law, we will make more details available on our website.

B. Action Item:

Write Immediately! Fax or mail your letter to the Governor and ask him to SIGN AB 66.

Your letter could be as simple as the following:

The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger
Office of the Governor
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Fax: 916-558-3160

Dear Governor Schwarzennegger,

Please sign AB 66 (Anderson) into law. This bill will help ensure that all students have equal opportunity to get jobs. Thank you for your support.


[Your Name]


  • Do not send emails.
  • Reprint or forward this to your friends, church, school, and group.
  • Pray for a proper outcome.

C. Background

Under current law, private school students have sometimes been unable to obtain work permits even though they have the full approval and support of their parents and their schools of enrollment. By allowing private school principals to issue permits to their own students, AB 66 ensures that work permits will be available equally to all students.

AB 66 also specifies that the hours during which a student can work shall be based on the calendar of the school that the student attends. Under current law, student work hours are based on the public school calendar, even for students who do not attend public school.

We have been working intensely in the Legislature for the past 4 years to make work permits more accessible to all private school students, including those in home-based private schools (i.e. homeschools). This year, as in previous years, it has been important strategically to work behind-the-scenes until now. If the Governor signs this bill, it will become law effective January 1, 2010.