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NEWSFLASH – June 20, 2008

From:  Private and Home Educators of California (a program of Family Protection Ministries)

Homeschool Court Hearing – Pray

On June 23rd, the Court of Appeals in Los Angeles is scheduled to hear arguments in the “homeschool” case, In re Rachel L.

Michael Farris, Chairman of HSLDA and the most experienced courtroom attorney on homeschooling issues in the country, will be presenting the closing oral arguments for the homeschooling parties’ side of the case.  After the hearing, the Court will consider the briefs that were filed in May, and testimony from Monday’s hearing.  The court is expected to issue their new ruling this fall.

Please pray for a good hearing on Monday the 23rd.  Pray that the Judges will be attentive and receptive to all those making pro-homeschooling arguments.  Also pray that Michael Farris will have clarity of thought during his important presentation.